The Principia Discordia

A holiday of the Holy Knights of Discord

Gourdfest is a celebration of nothing in particular which is held at no set time (although it usually takes place when you can get a shitload of gourds). Gourdfest is a simple ceremony that can be performed by at least 5 Discordians and with 25 gourds (25/5 = 5). Each gourd must be cut to hold at least one candle. Once the gourds are prepared place them on the ground so they form a large circle. When night falls, light all of the gourds and build a fire in the middle of the circle. Once the fire is burning and all of the candles are lit, everyone present must enter the circle and chant: Hunda-Howda-Hunda-Howda, GOURD! This is primarily to scare the neighbors.

The ceremony invokes the primal CHAOS in the surroundings, and causes a temporary, localized change in physical reality. Unfortunately, our human brains will ignore this change, so it will appear as though nothing has happened. If nothing seems to happen, then the ceremony was successful. If it starts raining cheese , you fucked up.


You FOOLS! You will PAY
for your insulin!

Let Mr. Sunshine reign
on a whole new world!