The Principia Discordia

Official Discordian Blessing
Ollave/Ophilia Cabal of the Church of Eris

This is the Official Discordian Blessing, which may only be performed by Officially Sanctioned POPES of the Church of Eris. Since everyone is an Officially Sanctioned POPE, approved by the House of Eris, this means you and your family may spend meaningless hours of your time chaotically blessing whatever you please with our meaningful and inspirational blessing.

First, focus carefully on whatever it is you are blessing. Be careful, for there is a fine line between carefully focusing and maniacal obsession; keep it brief.

The next exercise is to form your hand into the familiar ‘V’ symbol , as described on page 00033. Then point said hand at above noted object.

Next, move your hand in a motion which carves a star in the air. As you draw each side, recite the corresponding word in the holy phrase "Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!". This will ensure that whatever is being blessed is in some way or another directly or indirectly associated with the Law of Fives.

STRONG EVIDENCE has persisted beyond the persistence of rumor, bringing us to the conclusion that it was ACTUALLY Mr. Momomoto’s brother-in-law who swallowed Mr. Momomoto, following the swallowing of his nose in late summer of ’44.