The Principia Discordia

Hobbies and Leisure Activities
For the Discordian and stupid alike.

- Write a letter to Oscar Meyer, Inc., telling them which film should win Best Picture.

- Go to a local City or Town meeting and demand to see their leader. When they say, "The Mayor is sitting right here!" cry out, "No, dammit! I want to see the GIANT ANT who tells him what to do."

- Make a portable, collapsible Four-Square Court out of duct tape. Take it to the center of a nearby shopping mall and begin playing.

- Begin distributing chain-letters, asking people to send $1 to each of ten people on an included list. All people on the list should be high-school principles, respected attorneys, doctors, and politicians, and nationally syndicated journalists.

- Quote television commercials during job interviews, while pulled over for speeding, or while standing in a crowded elevator. Bonus point: make up commercials and products to use in your quotes.

- Collect cliches. I put mine in a jar with formaldehyde, and then pin them on a board. Be sure to note when and where you collected them.

- Pretend to have an extra hand. Try to pick up objects with it. Everyone knows about left and right hands; try to name a new direction for your new hand. Bonus point: during heavy traffic make a turn in the direction of your new hand. Be sure to signal.