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Hexagram 00051

51. Mr. Crowley

CHEN: Fire! Beware, but smile with mein divine!
Let nothing scare thee into spilling wine!
Here's trouble; watch thy ways, but drink thy wine!
Take lofty ground; the tide will ebb and flow.
Distraught? May danger teach thee low to go!
Fight fire with fire, or sink in mud supine!
Troubles mean profits for the men who know.
Caution! Foresee the action of the foe!

This hexagram was very complicated in the original I-Ching, standing for arousal, but also terror, shock, fear, and trembling. The classic situation suggested above would probably be the virgin bride on her wedding night. Explore the possibility of interpreting your situation by using that image. This is the hexagram that Crowley did not agree with and changed (thus its name here). Crowley suggested changing its meaning to "Fight Fire With Fire". Therefore, to Discordians, this hexagram stands for the bold and self-important.